AGROFOOD Regional Cluster   

– from the thought to the international associations.



The idea of establishment of the AgroFood Regional Cluster was born at the beginning of 2011 in the intellectual workshop of ASIMCOV, the Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of Covasna County. 


            Our aim was to set up a wide partnership to support companies which provide agricultural products, to increase competitivity, where the common knowledge and the innovative skills concentrate on the research-development capacities.  

We have to harmonize in this partnership the interests of the entrepreneurs, the research sector, the local government, consulting firms and partner institutions, first of all in the Carpathian Curve, but also in the national and international cluster associations.


            Our mission to create a common management strategy, to look for new solutions, makes our products and services competitive on the national and international market. At our events we always consult about the cooperation opportunities, we share our resources, information and knowledge. Together we can access financing. The members of the cluster have access to the technological and organizational experiences, common learning possibilities, they can share the costs, they may undertake the risk together and they can utilize the results of research-development together.


            AgroFood  as member of strong national-, international organizations and associations serves as a sample of regional cluster development; it is a build rock of new economical development.